BTMAT Scholars

Saturday October 13 was a notable day for BTMAT. Earlier this year we selected two medical students from Liverpool University, who had responded to our advertisement offering Scholarships for a specific research study in two of our Cameroonian hospitals.

They will travel to Cameroon in the summer of 2013. On Saturday they came to Peter’s home in Warkton so that we could meet them; trial by luncheon.

The two young ladies – Abigail Best and Rebecca Kuruvilla – met Michael, Anita, Alan and Peter. It was a happy and positive meeting. The girls lived up to the mental picture we had formed of them from their CVs. They are well-informed, widely travelled, interested and experienced in global health matters. For four hours we were able to offer advice and answer their questions. We were all impressed with them; we think they had a favourable impression of us.

Welcome on board Abigail and Rebecca!

Rebecca (left of centre) and Abigail (right of centre), with Trustee Alan (left), Michael (centre), and Anita (right).

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