Sock Monkeys from St Andrew’s

St Andrew’s C of E Church, Kettering, is one which was represented at the Synod I spoke at in September (see ‘help from on high’). The clergy and congregation there have responded, and have certainly put heart and soul into helping our Trust.

This evening was the first of two days of St Andrew’s Community Christmas Fair.

Chairs in the church had been moved away, and stalls set up. Twenty-five local and national charities will benefit from items for sale on the stalls. One stall was dedicated to BTMAT. Local adults and children associated with the church, had made Sock Monkeys; (yes, I didn’t know what they were either!). Each monkey is made from a pair of socks, looks charming, and quaint, and fun, and costs £12 (or 2 for £20). They were selling like the proverbial hot cakes. Sandy, who was manning the stall, assured us that a minimum of £300 would be raised tonight. Saturday is the other day, and we could expect even more.

This, it seemed to me, was Christianity and humanitarianism in action, and it was wonderful to see an enthusiastic crowd in the church, smiling, chatting, and buying things. The children of St Andrew’s School Choir sang carols; you really felt that the whole evening was something intrinsically good; and heart-warming. Alan enjoyed it too. We bought two Sock Monkeys.

Hazel, Sandy, Alan and Morey at the BTMAT stall

Hazel, Sandy, Alan and Morey at the BTMAT stall

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