Beryl Thyer Memorial Africa Trust: supporting African children that suffer from Burkitt lymphoma cancer

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These are the average costs to treat one child with Burkitt lymphoma in Cameroon.



Blood tests £5.50
Malaria Film £1.25
Stool & Urine Sample Analysis £3.00
Ultrasound Scans £11.00
Bed Fees £9.00
Antibiotics £51.00
Antimalarials £2.50
Blood Transfusion £19.25
Pain killers (for Bone Marrow biopsy and Lumbar Puncture) £19.25
Analgesia and Antiemetics £1.25
X-ray (per film) £7.00
Pathology Costs £20.00
Total £150.00

In the UK, the cost to treat a child with Burkitt Lymphoma is approximately £30,000 (up to £75,000 if the child is sent to the intensive care unit).

For BTMAT in Cameroon, this cost is just £150.

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