Our work


  • To raise funds for the investigation, treatment and follow-up of children admitted to Banso Baptist Hospital, and Mbingo Baptist Hospital, in the North West Region of Cameroon, West Africa and Baptist Hospital Mutengene, in the South West Region, who have the suspected or proven diagnosis of the childhood malignancies called Burkitt’s Lymphoma, Wilms’ Tumour, Retinoblastoma and Kaposi Sarcoma, along with rarer child cancers sometimes encountered. In addition to the specific charges involved, which include hospital bed fee, laboratory and ultrasound fees, workers involved in follow-up of the cases, funding may also be provided for feeding of the child and his or her carer where extreme poverty is evident, and clothing for the child if thought desirable. Funding is also available for supportive treatment of the children, for example blood transfusion, anti-malarial treatment, antibiotic treatment etc. Funding also extends to palliative care for the benefit of children dying from cancer.  The Trustees have the power to delegate duties to doctors in the hospitals in the area of benefit, for the furtherance of the objects. Occasional funds will be given to these doctors and to staff in the three wards in which they work, when the Trust’s resources allow it, as gifts, in recognition of their devotion and commitment to the work they do.
  • The financial support of care of newborn babies at Banso Baptist Hospital and Mbingo Baptist Hospital and Baptist Hospital Mutengene. The Charity is dedicated to the teaching and training of established staff and student nurses at the three named hospitals. Funds may be used for teaching materials of any sort thought necessary, and for apparatus and medicines relevant to the resuscitation and care of the newborn at the hospitals, insofar as it can be afforded.
  • To supply medical books and journals, general medical and surgical apparatus, such as may benefit Banso Baptist Hospital, Mbingo Baptist Hospital and Baptist Hospital Mutengene. In general these items will have been donated by well-wishers in the UK. The cost of sending them to Cameroon will be borne by the Charity. The cost of retrieving the donated goods from the sea port and airport in Cameroon will be the responsibility of the recipient hospitals’ Administration.

The Trustees

The Beryl Thyer Memorial Africa Trust has 7 Trustees:

  • Peter McCormick – Chairman
  • Anita Smith
  • Paul Wharin
  • Michael Jeans
  • Richard McCormick
  • David McCormick
  • Alan Thyer

Application of Income

The Trustees must apply the income of the Charity in furthering the following objects :

  • To promote the relief of sickness among children through the provision of medical aid, financial assistance and other support to medical services, particularly those of Banso Baptist Hospital and Mbingo Baptist Hospital, for the protection of health of children and particularly the diagnosis and treatment of Burkitt’s Lymphoma.
  • To advance the education and training of medical staff and personnel involved in the delivery of the above.

These objects are to be furthered primarily in the North West Province of Cameroon, Central Africa (the “area of benefit”).


David Kelland, Meadows and Co., 91 Headlands, Kettering, Northants, NN15 6AA. England.

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