Pride of position has to go two Pharmaceutical companies.

Since 2006, when BTMAT was inaugurated, Baxter Oncology, based in Halle, Germany, has donated large quantities of the anti-cancer drug Cyclophosphamide. Without these donations, the cost of purchase of this essential drug would be a serious burden to the Trust.

Genus Pharmaceuticals in Newbury, Berkshire, donate two other essential anti-cancer drugs; Vincristine, and Methotrexate. These they acquire at their own expense, and give to the Trust. Again this is an enormous and ongoing commitment to our cause.

We need only contact our pharmaceutical friends, state our requirements, and the drugs are delivered.

World Child Cancer has established commitment in 5 centres globally, and has a further 10 projects in development. Our own projects in Cameroon have been scrutinised by World Child Cancer, and we are high on the list of their priorities.

Professor Tim Eden – formerly of Manchester University – heads World Child Cancer, and is a longterm friend and colleague of our own Clinical Director – Professor Peter Hesseling of Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

BTMAT cannot expect to make a major impact in the management of child cancer in the resource-poor world; collaboration and co-operation with others in the same field, and the sharing of ideas and experiences is paramount.

It is an honour that BTMAT has been recognized as a serious humanitarian and scientific organization in the provision of care for the underprivileged people of Cameroon. It is with gratitude to World Child Cancer that we are led to believe that we will receive, in due course, considerable financial assistance from them.

Our Patrons have not been idle. Faryl Smith, our talented singing star, has performed at two concerts in Kettering, raising refreshing sums for the Trust.

Patron Joe Davies, Master of Haileybury School, through the year long efforts of his pupils in 2008, presented the Trust with the biggest single cheque we have ever received.

Grant making Trusts have also been generous: The Timson Family Trust, Kettering; The Bunty Newport Charitable Trust; The Margaret Giffin Trust; The Casey Trust; The Evelyn Hodgson Trust; The David Laing Trust; The Marr-Munning Trust. We are grateful to all of them.

Numerous Churches of varying flavours have helped us over the years, continue to do so, and have in some cases pledged to take on the Trust as their chosen Charity for the future. First among many, we acknowledge the ongoing and hugely generous support from the Baptists of Kettering and beyond. This is owing to the good offices of Trustee Dr Paul Wharin, who is well-respected in Baptist circles hereabouts. It is particularly relevant to us since we serve 3 Baptist Hospitals in Cameroon.

Methodists and Roman Catholics from Northamptonshire have given us donations, and King’s College Chapel, Cambridge has twice donated its collection to us.

The Anglican Church in Warkton has the Trust at heart, and makes frequent donations. More recently the Anglican Church in the village of Thorpe Malsor, Northants, has adopted the Trust, and is also most generous.

Christadelphians run a Charity called ‘Meal a Day’; these good folk have twice made generous donations to the Trust.

Rotarians in Northamptonshire have, and are supporting the Trust. Kettering and Corby Clubs receive us warmly, and donate generously. The ladies of the Rotarian brothers – The Inner Wheel – also support us.

Women’s organisations – notably the Women’s Institute – have asked us to talk to them about our work, and have responded with donations.

University of the Third Age (U3A), have helped in the past and plan to help in the future.

Kettering and District Medical Society has on several occasions made generous donations to our work.

Doctors from as far as Scotland and Cornwall have supported us. Some are retired colleagues of the Founder’s from Kettering; some are retired former fellow-students of the Founder, with whom he is still in touch via Reunions; some the Founder has not even met!

Countless individual donors, too many to name, but to whom we are ever grateful, continue to send us donations. There are even anonymous ones.

Friends of the Trust also donate to us.

Family members: McCormick, Thyer, Tavner and Moore, are always helping our cause.

It would be well-nigh impossible to mention by name all the individual people who have donated money to the Trust; indeed, because of inevitable and accidental omissions, it would be invidious so to do. The Trustees are grateful to all such good folk, wherever they may be; all sorts of people from all walks of life.

Gifts in kind: Quite apart from monetary gifts, the Trust constantly receives gifts in kind; clothes and shoes for children; sheets and blankets for our hospitals; toys for our child patients; little bonnets for the newborn; medical and surgical items from doctors’ surgeries and District Nurses. We – and our Cameroonian recipients – are very happy to receive such things.