Thank you World Child Cancer

You will find reference to World Child Cancer elsewhere in this website. It is a British charitable organisation younger than our own, but bigger, mightily supported by influential people, and global in its reach.

World Child Cancer seeks to support organisations that work for children with cancer anywhere in the world. It actively seeks out people who have been engaged in such work. It saw that BTMAT has been doing just this for a number of years.

BTMAT is now in active collaboration with World Child Cancer, and World Child Cancer has recently donated handsomely to our Trust’s account, and will continue to do so for 5 years. Their gift is in a newly established account, and will be spent on projects for Cameroonian children with cancer, and the hospitals to which they are admitted and treated, in accordance with guidelines laid down by their Trustees. BTMAT Trustees will report six-monthly to World Child Cancer on how their money is being spent.

Our heartfelt thanks to World Child Cancer, and in particular to Professor Tim Eden, for their recognition of our input to child cancer in Cameroon, and for their great generosity.

Peter McCormick

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