Prof Hesseling comes to Warkton

Our Clinical Director has family in Rugby; his daughter Sonella has recently had her first child. Prof Peter and his wife came to visit them there.

Peter expressed the desire to come to Warkton one day, to meet all Trustees of BTMAT, with a view to reviewing what we have achieved together in the past, and to consider the next five years of collaboration. A lovely meeting it was. Peter cleared up a number of medical/administrative issues which were on Trustees’ minds.

He spoke also of a meeting he would attend in Cameroon in October, at which the proposal for a unified National treatment regime for Burkitt lymphoma in Cameroon would be raised. This would involve several agencies: Child cancer staff at the Children’s Hospital in Yaounde; the Cameroonian Ministry of Health; the French-African Paediatric Oncology Group; World Child Cancer; and of course BTMAT.

Peter Hesseling has certainly put us on the world stage as regards child cancer.

We are not ploughing a lone furrow; we are in partnership with many great people and respected organisations.

The Warkton meeting cemented our friendship with our friend Peter Hesseling!

Peter McCormick

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