Dr Francine’s graduation

Dr Francine is our ‘Ace’ doctor in Cameroon. She arrived in Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH) – having been head-hunted by the Cameroon Baptists – in 2001. At that time she spoke no English.

One year later, having worked in the Children’s ward at this Anglophone hospital, Francine was able to give a presentation to colleagues at BBH. A year after this, under the guidance of Prof Hesseling, she presented at an international child cancer conference in Malawi. In 2006 Francine spoke at a similar conference in Geneva. It was on the aeroplane returning to Cameroon after this conference, that she met the man who in 2007 became her husband.

At the child conference in Cape Town in March 2012, Dr Francine gave a talk on the subject of why there is often delay in children with cancer being brought to the hospitals. For this thoughtful presentation she won the prize for best oral presentation in the congress.

In October this year Dr Francine will be travelling to the UK, as Cameroonian delegate for Cameroon, along with Sister Vera, a senior Research Assistant nurse for our Burkitt lymphoma project. Both of these ladies will give presentations.

Dr Francine has recently completed a course in Internal Medicine at Mbingo Baptist Hospital (MBH). No-one was surprised that she passed with flying colours. The picture shows her with her husband Bienvenu, on Graduation day, in the garden of their house at MBH.

Dr Francine is the Supervisor of Paediatric Oncology for the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board. BTMAT has great faith in her ability to continue the work among children with cancer in our target hospitals. We have total trust in her management of funds we send, and in the distribution of donated items from the UK.

Congratulations Francine! Well done indeed!
BTMAT Trustees thank you for your long and dedicated collaboration in its work.
Long may this partnership continue!

Peter McCormick

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