’Arf a sixpence

When I was 14, and wide-eyed at the novelty of puberty, all of 58 years ago, I studied ‘Kipps’, by HG Wells, for O Level English Lit., at Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys, Whitworth Street, Manchester.

Decades later Tommy Steele carried the story onward, as a rather good show with the name ’arf a sixpence; ‘a traditional fun musical for the whole family’. I could never have imagined as a schoolboy in 1952, that as a superannuated doctor in 2011, a performance of this very musical would be staged for the benefit of a Charity I would found in 2006. That is what happened in Sharnbrook Mill Theatre, Bedfordshire, on the evening of November 11th. It raised £900 for our Charity. Most refreshing!

I failed O Level Eng. Lit. by the way.


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