A brief summary of the collaborative Wilms’ tumour project

  • Wilms’ tumour is a childhood cancer of the kidney.
  • This tumour can be treated in Low Income Countries.
  • SIOP is the International Society of Paediatric Oncology.
  • PODC stands for Paediatric Oncology in Developing Countries,
    and is a subgroup of SIOP.

This project comprises 5 African countries as seen on this poster, the aim of the project is to achieve uniform treatment guidelines and outcome evaluation, in all the collaborating countries.

We aim to increase the survival from Wilms’ tumour to 50%, and reduce the death rate and abandonment of treatment, to less than 10%.

Enrolment of patients started in January 2014.

We are really privileged that the 3 Cameroonian Baptist hospitals are involved in this international project.

This poster was presented at the recent SIOP Conference in Toronto.

I am pleased to say that the Poster won the prize for best poster in this category.

Again we want to appreciate the BTMAT for their support to treat these children. We also appreciate the input of World Child Cancer.

Dr Kouya Francine
Supervisor of Paediatric Oncology
Mbingo Baptist Hospital
NW Region

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