Breastmilk Banks – again

Taking a look at our banks, our pasteurisers, the apparatus supplied years ago, the supply of frozen milk, and some of the babies receiving donated milk, was a refreshing experience during our November visit to Cameroon. The apparatus was still functional; donors are plentiful; stocks of frozen milk were present in all the banks.

The laboratories enjoyed screening the milk; Hospital Administration and Maternity Unit staff were equally enthusiastic for this service to continue.

BTMAT will send out two more electric kettles, some more sample bottles, some more little glass jars – donated courtesy of Wilkin and Sons Ltd, Tiptree, Essex.
Little if anything else is needed; the project rolls along in a most delightful way, with minimal input from ourselves. We are proud of our Cameroonian colleagues, who, between them, pasteurise an estimated 1,600 litres of donated milk per year, for the benefit of their own tiny newborn citizens. Well done all of you Pasteuriseers!

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