‘Livewires’ is the name given to a young people’s group at the Baptist Church in Kettering; the home town of BTMAT.

Kettering Baptists have helped the Trust greatly in recent years. The Livewires had a further plan; ‘let’s take the number of miles from Kettering to Banso; a sea route, taking in the Canary islands – not the official flight route – and let’s run it and walk it and swim it, until all our miles add up to the total distance, and let’s get sponsorship for every stage of the journey’.

The swimming miles were done in Kettering’s municipal pool (free of charge courtesy of the town council), and the footwork took place in the Fuller Baptist’s large games room.

This they did. Apparently suchlike efforts are called ‘exercisathons’ (a word not to be found in the Oxford English Dictionary!), and the Trust has recently received a cheque for £2,200 as a result of this initiative. Pretty good – OR WHAT?!
BTMAT’s thanks go out yet again to the local Baptists and their athletic youth.

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